Get expert help to activate MagicJack express.

MagicJack express has revolutionized the concept of home phones by allowing users to place calls over Google. This is a great way to reduce your calling costs and stay in touch. However, you might face problems to activate the MagicJack express.

Common issues while activating MagicJack express

  1. Setting up your MagicJack express
  2. Time taken to install and setup
  3. Queries about registration
  4. Queries about how to purchase additional year
  5. Blocking telemarketers and other numbers


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Phone Number:1-844-575-3211
Call Time:Average Wait: 3-5 mins — 24×7
For online help:Magicjack Customer Care
Company URL:www.magicjack.com
Useful tools & number to call:call via web
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